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We provide the equipment and support for our members to experiment and shape their own learning journey, and anyone can join as a member. 

What's included?

Membership includes the use of tools and equipment, and materials are available to use; we have two colours of 'special' stoneware clay and a large range of glazes. Materials are charged at £1.10 per 100grams after everything has been fired, so the price includes the bisque and glost firing (you can see our range of clay and glazes on our instagram feed).

Want some instruction first?

We also run introductory courses where you can learn the basics first in a small supportive group.

Membership options
Flexible membership
Induction fee of £10 - £30 dependent on income **
Monthly fee of £10 - £30 dependent on income **
£4 per hour
Access during staffed hours* and storage for work in progress
Regular membership
Monthly fee of £55 - £75 dependent on income **
16 hours per month included, £4 per hour after
24/7 access, a storage shelf for work in progress and personal items
Anyone is welcome to join as a regular member, but we ask that you attend 40 staffed hours before gaining 24/7 access
Unlimited membership
Monthly fee of £75 - £95 per month dependent on income **
24/7 unlimited access
Two storage shelves for work in progress and personal items
Anyone is welcome to join as an unlimited member, but we ask that you attend 40 staffed hours before gaining 24/7 access
We cannot support the production of large-scale artwork or large quantities of work.
* Staffed Hours
Tuesday       15.30 - 20.30
Wednesday  12.30 - 17.00
Thursday      12.30 - 20.30
Saturday      10.00 - 13.30
Sunday          11.30 - 15.00
** Income bands
Monthly membership fees are based on income, either individual income if you live on your own, or household income if you live with a partner or dependent(s). 
Low Income:              personal under £15,000,     household under £22,500
Basic Income:            personal £15,000 - 27,000,   household £22,500 - £40,500
Intermediate Income: personal £27,000 - 39,000,  household £40,500 - £58,500
Higher Income:          personal £39,000 - 51,000,   household £58,500 - £76,500
Top Income:              personal over £51,000,        household over £76,500
We have just moved to a new booking system, if you have any issues at all please let us know!


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