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Welcome to Maryhill Open Artspace!


We are a supportive, creative community providing access to high-quality pottery and screen-printing facilities, at an affordable price. We launched in May 2022 with pottery facilities and have recently introduced screen printing.


We are a registered Community Interest Company, which means we operate for the benefit of the community, in a fair and financially sustainable way, rather than to make a profit; we will work with our community to decide how surplus income is used to improve facilities.

Your Gift Credit can be spent on the following:

- 2.5hr beginners classes in: Wheel throwing, hand-building or screen printing

- 2.5hr supervised access sessions

- Glazing classes

- Materials and firing

If you are not a member start by booking a class or access and we'll explain the rest!

To redeem your credit use discount code GIFT at checkout and add the name of the person who bought the voucher in the notes

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